Providing SOLUTIONS that are well crafted and thoroughly thought out weighing all the options and all the factors of the particular client.


Providing SOLUTIONS that are creative not only in design and essence, but also in approach.


Providing SOLUTIONS that embrace current and emerging technology.

Rooted in community, Dresser Media Solutions; designs, develops, and deploys creative, strategic, and technical solutions tailored to our client’s goals and needs.


Dresser Media Solutions has worked directly with me in successfully setting up our new Social Media platform here at TechnoMatch. It is obvious to me that Eric has developed the skills to “make it happen” when implementing a successful social media strategy for clients.  Eric knows technology, he knows social media and he has AAA client interaction skills.

If you no longer want to be invisible to your potential clients, Eric is the guy.

Kevin S.

Eric is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about his craft.  And talk about organized!! Eric believes in doing the job right, from the small task to the complicated problem. He would teach himself a new tool, software or piece of equipment to find a solution.then be eager to share this knowledge with others

Michael K.

Professional, knowledgeable and savvy; Eric is a dynamo with all things technical, including media and video. Eric has always been extremely generous and patient with imparting his knowledge. Eric has vision for himself and others and uses the tools and talent he has been given wisely. I would highly recommend Eric to any business or company looking for technical know how, vision and presentation.

Peggy C.

Anyone who works with Dresser Media Solutions will be extremely comfortable with Eric’s understanding of technology, attention to detail, and his will to get things done right.  If given the opportunity I would gladly work with Dresser Media Solutions again.

Fil F.

I have worked with Dresser Media Solutions on numerous occasions.  Eric is enthusiastic, involved, responsive, and creative about making his product & services user friendly, up-to-date, and relevant to the community.

Suzanne B.

It was great working with Dresser Media Solutions!  They made our maiden voyage into technology at our event so incredibly smooth.  We will certainly be in touch for next year or anything else that may come up in the meantime.  Thank you again!

Brenda L.

Thanks doesn’t cover it for your efforts in providing perfection for our [event], it was our best one yet!!! We are forever grateful!

Christine S.

Thank you so much!  The footage you captured was fabulous.  It gave a sense of the scope of the event and the unique location and the close-up shots gave you a feel for the event.  It was fabulous!

Elizabeth J.

Eric has moved swiftly towards the future with innovative ways to engage younger and older demographics, adapting to the age of streaming while also continuing to evaluate the outlook on the ever changing media landscape.  I am extremely thankful for having someone with Eric’s character, enthusiasm, and love for our community at the forefront of our community, providing the lens through which we view it.

David F.
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